In the bustling Middle East with Indian restaurants galore, there was a desire for something revolutionary—a truly pan-Indian approach to bring out the magical flavours of every Indian region on the Middle Eastern plate.

Presenting Kashkan,
A culinary journey from the lush green valleys of Kashmir to the radiant Kanyakumari coastlines, from the captivating northeastern greenery to the magnificent western deserts.

Kashkan houses a wholesome experience; flavours, cultures, festivals, landscapes and even the spirit of the people. A unique dining space created with a single explosive idea - Encapsulating India’s expansiveness on a platter.

We pondered on the distinctions, identified the peculiarities & captured the niches. Now, we have showcased the soul of Indian food on a global canvas by carefully picking out each piece of this puzzle.

And, as for its final piece, the ultimate link between Indian culinary art and Indian culture, who better than our beloved traveller celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar!

Ranveer Brar’s nuanced understanding of flavours and textures; his experience and interaction with cultures and his primal love for food, makes Kashkan whole.

Drawing out a nation's history and culture on a plate is no easy feat. Kashkan is humble, welcoming, and inclusive of different regions and lived experiences. Kashkan celebrates diversity.

Witness a slice of India through multiple cuisines, special delicacies, food theatrics, a live kitchen, interactive presentation methods, elegant decor and an immersive Indian experience.

With stories from every corner of India, Kashkan brings to you the freshness and vitality of the nation.